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DJ is a niche field with universal appeal. Being a DJ is similar to being a professional Live Performing Artist as are the categories such as an actor, musician, singer etc. The main role of a DJ is to provide entertainment through live performance using prerecorded music produced by various artists, from movies or by self. From playing at private parties to captivating audiences at radio stations, any kind of party will require the inimitable skills of a DJ. PATSAV is India’s first Pioneer DJ, Certified Academy since 2008. Our DJ course covers Pro DJ, Digital DJ, Visual DJ and Star DJ.

Come, be trained by some of the Top Professional DJs in India, including VDJ NDA, DJ Piyush Bajaj, and many more artists.



  1. Qualified & Experienced faculty led by Award winning National DJ – Celebrity DJ Piyush Bajaj (DEAN-PATSAV).
  2. India’s First Ever Pioneer DJ Certified Academy Since 2008.
  3. Supervised practice sessions at Patsav with DJ Faculties. Special Onsite Trainings and workshops.
  4. Patsav Industry links help students in getting gigs, placement assistance, opportunity to learn & play with well established & known DJs of the city/country.
  5. State of the art facility with latest DJ equipment.
  6. Guest lectures by some of the most reputed industry specialists and personalities.
  7. More focus on hands-on training with Live Events and Show Performances.
  8. Proper learning and career guidance provided right from the time of enquiry & enrollment till the time of course completion & onsite/internship exposure.
  9. Our DJ course develops your personality and trains you to become an entrepreneur/ independent artist who knows how to promote him/herself on social media platform and established industry connect.
  10. First DJ Academy to introduce Online DJ Classes.



  1. Introduction to Djing
  2. Introduction to CD Players & DJ Mixers
  3. Introductioin to Music & Genres
  4. Understanding Song Structure
  5. Beat/Bar & Graph Theory
  6. Beat Counting
  7. Cueing 
  8. Mixing Techniques- I


  1. Mixing Techniques – II
  2. House Mixing
  3. Hot Cues


Fee Starts from 25000/-

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PATSAV Wins 2 TCEI Excellence Awards from 2019-2023

India Education Awards 2019

Awarded Most Creative Music Academy in India Education Awards Bangalore – 2019

Telangana Artists Association Virtuoso Awards

Best Dj & Sound Production Institute of the year 2019
Best Technology & Learning institute of the year 2019